The ACLU Wants To Sue Sessions Before He Does Anything

There’s jumping the gun, then there’s the ACLU.

Within a breath of Jeff Sessions being confirmed as attorney general, the American Civil Liberties Union rushed to declare that they’ve already got the legal paperwork prepared, in order to sue him. They simply left a space for the date and the specific charge against him blank, ready to fill in at a moment’s notice.


The ACLU have long been nothing more than the muscle used by liberals to force their vile agenda on the nation.

If you’re anything like me, the moment you see “ACLU” attached to a story, it elicits immediate, audible groans.

Uuugghhh… What now??

The election of Trump has set the left ablaze.

I suppose they feel if they couldn’t win in the voting booth, at the very least, they can win in the courts.

The ACLU made the first successful lawsuit against the Trump administration in late January when it filed a complaint on behalf of two men who were detained at an airport as a result of Trump’s controversial executive order.

A federal judge filed an emergency stay on parts of the executive order at the time as a result.

The group has received a flood of donations and is setting itself up as one of the key players in coming legal fights over Trump’s agenda.


Because of course they are.

This rush to claim their finger on the legal trigger may excite their base, but to anybody looking at this rationally, it just comes across as the worst kind of political pandering and it demeans the system of law they supposedly stand for.


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