In A World Of Chaos, America's Enemy #1 Is Apparently - The Terminator

Well, North Korea wants to nuke their neighbors (and us).

Russia may or may not be hacking into our government emails.

Iran, those guys could go nuclear at any moment.


Then there are the riots and anarchy in our own streets and on our college campuses, police officers being targeted for ambush, healthcare system in shambles…

But let’s feud with Arnold Schwarzenegger over TV ratings, shall we?

Yesterday, I told you about Trump’s disgusting opening diatribe at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he made it (of course) all about him.

He wanted to brag about how successful the ratings on “The Apprentice” were when he was the host and how lousy Arnold Schwarzenegger was.

It was a raging show of foul, egotistical idiocy. It was out of place, and just another bit of evidence to show the man is completely out of his element when he tries to fake the “Christian thing.”

Yeah, the casual cussing, while referring to the Senate chaplain hosting the event was pretty rad, too.


Schwarzenegger replied to Trump’s unprovoked attack by tweeting a video suggesting that they trade jobs – Trump back to TV and Schwarzenegger to the White House, so that everyone could sleep well at night again.

Today, just to prove yesterday wasn’t a fluke, our president took another shot at his “Apprentice” replacement.

Because with all that’s going on in the world, the focus really should be on feuding with the Terminator.



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