Trump Puts To Rest The "Ban" Versus "Not A Ban" Debate

I actually don’t get why this wasn’t the policy to begin with.

Fresh off of what is pretty much a Supreme Court score with the nomination of Neil Gorsuch, President Trump was up, bright and early, and put to rest a niggling public concern about whether the executive order halting entrance of immigrants from seven Muslim nations was a Muslim ban, a travel ban, or a ban, at all.


Certainly, the administration has been stressing the point, as of late.

Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, has nearly burst a blood vessel in insisting that you not use the word, “ban.”

Well, Sean, you can calm down. Your boss has set the new parameters.

I can actually get on board with that. The quibbling over whether the word “ban” was accurate or not served no purpose, other than to give Spicer practice for all of the other Trump moves he’ll have to furiously defend in the coming days.

My advice: Pace yourself, Sean. You’re just getting started, and four years is a long time to have to walk into ever presser with your nerve endings set to 11.


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