Democrats Are Already Wishcasting Trump's Impeachment

Can we all just calm down?

We can be pretty sure that Democrats probably began their Impeachment-watch in the early hours of November 9, 2016.

I’ll admit, I can get where they’re coming from, in a sense. I still fully expect that Donald Trump will bungle his way into something so highly corrupt that impeachment is the only way to resolve the matter.

For his sake, I hope he is well-insulated with good people and that he actually listens to them, in order to avoid that.

I am not, however, a Democrat hoping for impeachment, simply based on a political grudge.

Democrats are already clanging the impeachment bell over the immigration ban issue, even before it has been completely ironed out to the satisfaction of the courts.

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) says Congress should consider impeaching President Trump if he orders federal agencies to ignore a judge’s stay on parts of his controversial immigration order.

If Trump orders the Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) to ignore a federal judge’s emergency stay, Castro said that lawmakers should begin the process of censuring and potentially impeaching Trump.

“There should be a resolution of censure,” he said. “And if he does it again, there should be articles of impeachment.”

That’s a lot of “should” and “and ifs,” Congressman.

That’s kind of the difference between having adults in charge of Washington and having Democrats in charge.

When we were only days into Obama’s first term, I don’t recall nightly protests in the streets of Washington by Republicans, nor were Republicans beginning the drumbeat for impeachment.

With all that Obama did over the eight years he was in charge, and for all of his executive overreach, I don’t know that I heard a lot of call for his impeachment. If at all.

And maybe that’s the problem with Republicans. They don’t fight dirty. Or whiny.

Castro and his petulant cohorts want Congress to investigate if Trump exceeded his constitutional authority, which is rich, coming from Democrats, after the past eight years.

I’ll even let go of my own lingering distaste for the orange-hued nightmare and give him kudos for what will likely be the greatest accomplishment of his presidency: He made Democrats care about the Constitution, again.

Castro said if Trump ignores the judge’s orders, it would be like“living in a military junta.”

Ok, but a spokesman for the CBP said that Trump has not asked them to ignore the judge’s emergency stay, nor are they detaining anyone. Green card holders may have to undergo a second screening, but otherwise, the process is moving along smoothly.

As it is with Democrats, when they start their histrionics, it pays to look past the noise and to the deeper meaning in their protests.

The buzz is that Castro is considering challenging Ted Cruz for his Senate seat in 2018, so making a big noise now sets him up as the Don Quixote of the left, for the next year.

I mean, it may not get him anywhere, but at least he’s making the grand show.



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