Sean Spicer Wants The Media To Stop Saying "Ban," But Jake Tapper Has Interesting Footage

Because it’s a ban.

Now, you can argue over whether it’s a Muslim ban or a travel ban, but it’s a ban.

Well, not if you’re listening to Sean Spicer, White House press secretary.


At his press briefing on Tuesday, Spicer said the media was using biased terms by describing the order as a ban.

“It’s not a Muslim ban. It’s not a travel ban,” Spicer told reporters. “It’s a vetting system to keep America safe.”

So that’s what we’re going with? Vetting system? Ok. I have no problem with that.

Earlier Tuesday, Spicer said Trump’s executive order temporarily prohibiting entry of refugees and visitors from seven Muslim-majority to the United States was not a “ban” — even after Trump called it one on Twitter. He charged that the media is using a biased description when it calls the action a ban.

To be more specific, this was the way President Trump referred to it:


On Tuesday afternoon, however, CNN’s Jake Tapper – fast becoming one of my favorite media people – sought clarification, by playing video of Sean Spicer, himself, using the very term he’s losing his mind over.

Well, alrighty, then.

“OK, everybody clear now? Nobody should follow the lead of the biased media and call the executive action ‘a ban,’” Tapper said.

Clear as mud, Sir.


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