NC Gov Roy Cooper Has A Revolving Door Opinion Over Muslim Immigration

You haven’t heard me say a lot about North Carolina’s new governor, Roy Cooper, lately.

The main reason is because I’m so disgusted with North Carolina politics and the petty, short-sighted Republicans that allowed their grudges to put that man in office, that for my own sanity, I’d just as soon sit back and let Cooper bury himself.

Cooper did not disappoint.

He right away set about to break state law by attempting to unilaterally expand Medicaid in the state, forcing the cost on the taxpayers.

He’s not content to bury himself with a shovel. He rented a backhoe.

The latest is that Cooper isn’t just the usual tax-and-spend liberal. He’s also an amazing hypocrite.

I have no doubts that Cooper is clueless as to what his reaction should be to issues. He’s a liberal because his fabulous cluelessness makes him the perfect puppet for Democrat puppetmasters.

Case in point:

Cooper took an entire day to form a response to what other liberals jumped on, immediately.

To be fair, some conservatives took exception to the implementation of the travel ban, as well, feeling it was ill-conceived and rushed through.

The difference is two-fold.

For starters, most had an opinion immediately.

That happens when you know what you’re doing.

Secondly, it wasn’t very long ago that Cooper felt very differently about the refugee situation.

Back in November 2015, North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory had this to say about President Obama’s refugee program, that saw him depositing Syrian refugees about the state, without informing state or local government of his plans:

“We would trust [the federal government] more if they would tell us more about what they’re doing,” he said in a press conference Monday. “I want to make sure we’re not opening ourselves up to a potential terrorist situation.”

Reasonable. Sound. Resolute.

You know – leader stuff.

Cooper’s reaction back then:

“As chief law enforcement officer of North Carolina, I support asking the federal government to pause refugee entries to make sure we have the most effective screening process possible so our humanitarian efforts are not hijacked,” Cooper said in a statement issued through his campaign. “At the same time, we must not let political fear-mongering on this issue divert our attention and resources from stopping terrorists who may already be here or who are trying to get into our country in other ways.”

Follow the leader, right, Roy?

And now that Cooper is the (supposed) leader, he can’t seem to remember what it was as “chief law enforcement officer of North Carolina” that made the notion of allowing refugees in, unchecked, untenable.

This is the rank hypocrisy that the left have made their hallmark.

When he was looking to appear moderate, in order to draw votes from the right, he sang one tune.

Now that he’s in the driver’s seat (and still clueless), he’s using the leftist script.

Cooper has made a career out of aping the behaviors and thoughts of actual leaders.

Too bad the citizens of North Carolina are the ones who will end up paying the price for his feckless “leadership.”

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