What A Waste: The Netherlands Seek Donations To Fund Abortions In Developing Countries

They probably think this is “compassionate,” or something.

According to a Reuters report, the Netherlands are committing $10 million to an initiative to fund abortions in developing nations.


From the Hill:

 The commitment is meant to help replace funding that is expected to be lost after President Trump signed an executive order on Monday reinstating a policy blocking foreign aid or federal funding for global nongovernmental organizations that provide or “promote” abortions.

Dutch officials said Trump’s decision to reinstate the ban, known as the “Mexico City Policy” or the international gag rule by critics, will reduce international funding for abortion services in developing countries by $600 million over the next four years, according to Reuters.

So a $10 million seed to fund birth control education, or even adoption efforts wouldn’t do it for you, eh?

They’re hoping this move will prompt other nations to climb on board and start donating to the cause of infanticide.

We don’t have a lot of say over what other nations want to put their money towards, obviously, but this is disgusting. With all the need in the world, if these nations wanted to join forces and work towards a worthy goal, this should have been last on their list.


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