WATCH: Enraging Video Of Obnoxious Liberals Chasing Former NC Gov McCrory Down A D.C. Street

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory speaks to supporters at an election rally in Raleigh, N.C., Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016. The race between McCrory and Democrat Roy Cooper remains too close to call. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

And this is why the left fail to get sympathy for their causes from sane people.

Rarely do you see conservatives or people on the right chasing other citizens down in the streets, verbally abusing them, screaming profanities, and showing utter, despicable disregard for the rights of others to move about in peace.

That, unfortunately, is exactly what happened to former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.

As McCrory arrived in Washington D.C. for the inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump, a group of idiots accosted him on the sidewalk, following him to the entrance of the venue, shouting out obscenities, until the D.C. police stepped in and turned them back.

At one point, McCrory tried to reason with them, but if it were possible to appeal to their sense of decency, they wouldn’t be liberals.

Yes, I said that.

Watch here and see why Pat McCrory is still, even without a governorship to protect, one of the classiest men ever to hold public office.

As Roy Cooper continues to try and break laws and destroy everything McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly worked so hard to build up, watching this is a reminder of why McCrory will be missed more and more, as the next four years progress.

I doubt seriously that I would have reacted so calmly, were I in the same situation.