Tweet From Defense Department Has Some Wondering If They Were Hinting At Something

Hang on, while I do a quick scan of my Twitter history.

Ok. I think I’m good.

There’s no proof that the Defense Department was targeting anyone, specifically, but an early morning tweet has some tongues wagging.


According to The Hill:

The tweet links to research conducted by the department’s Suicide Prevention Office that “shows how information on social media can provide an important window into a person’s state of mind.”

The research aims to help mental health professionals utilize new technologies to “reach individuals and provide greater understanding of their well-being” in order to enhance ongoing suicide prevention efforts.

And there is absolutely no reason to assume that this was directed at the Tweeter-in-Chief who officially took office on Friday.

None, whatsoever.

The study that the tweet linked to was conducted before Trump took office. It very well may have been on the DoD’s radar, with intent to tweet out at some point, anyway.


The timing, however, set a fire under some Twitter users.

So is this shade being thrown at the new president?

Probably not, but it’s still funny.


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