Breitbart Expanding To Offices in Paris and Berlin

Breitbart Expanding To Offices in Paris and Berlin

Breitbart is looking to take its influence global, by opening offices in Paris and Berlin, according to a new report.

In Germany, Breitbart will seek to criticize Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open borders policy and its role in admitting refugees into Europe, according to Axios.

And in France, the controversial news organization will throw its support behind nationalist presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, according to the report.

Breitbart already has a bureau in London, using the installation to promote and support the Brexit movement last year.

This could be seen as an indicator that Stephen Bannon is seeking to expand his influence beyond just a Trump White House.

Bannon, as well as President Trump have both been strongly opposed to globalism.

While Trump’s inauguration speech was widely considered to be a call to nationalism, an interesting factoid is that Bannon is given credit as the co-author of the speech.

The United Kingdom’s decision last year to leave the European Union was widely championed by the populist U.K. Independence Party. And in France, Le Pen’s candidacy has gained momentum in recent months.

National populism is on the rise, worldwide, which makes for a fertile ground to plant new Breitbart offices abroad.

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