Over-Anxious Liberal Advocacy Groups Launch ImpeachDonaldTrumpNow.Org

Guys, c’mon. Just cool it, for a bit, ok?

The man hasn’t had a chance to get used to the title, “President,” yet, and liberals are already proposing crazy stuff.


A website called ImpeachDonaldTrumpNow.org went live quickly after his inauguration.

“If we were wait for all the ill effects that could come from this, too much damage to our democracy would occur,” Ron Fein, legal director at Free Speech for People, told the Washington Post. “It will undermine faith in basic institutions. If nothing else, it’s important for Americans to trust that the president is doing what he thinks is the right thing … not that it would help jump-start a stalled casino project in another country.”

The origins of the site are with two liberal advocacy groups, Free Speech for People, and RootsAction.

While Trump has said he is turning his business empire over to his two older sons, Fein suggested that Trump is going into office in violation of the Constitution.

Specifically, he is insisting that Trump is guilty of going into office, having accepted gifts from foreign governments.

That’s actually a shadowy area, and most improbable.


An impeachment proceeding would begin with the House, which is controlled by Republicans. A vote in the House on impeachment would be required to get to a trial, and a majority of those present in the House would have to approve of an article of impeachment for it to go forward.

Only two presidents in history have been impeached: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. In both cases, the Senate failed to convict the president.

Two Democrats. Imagine that.

I’ve actually predicted that Trump would stumble into something so corrupt and wrong, that he’s a good candidate for impeachment.

I’m at least willing to wait and see, however, so maybe those who are so inclined may want to let their emotions cool before they write a check to support this particular website.



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