New Book Examines How Hillary Clinton Lost Her "Sure-Fire" Victory

Well, I’m sure the world is waiting breathlessly for this one.

“Shattered” is a follow-up to HRC, which offered an inside look at Clinton’s years as secretary of State.

The new book follows Clinton’s second bid for the White House, which ended in a surprise loss to Republican Donald Trump that saw the former first lady win the popular vote by 3 million votes.

Parnes co-wrote the book with Jonathan Allen, the head of content at Sidewire and a columnist at Roll Call. The two also paired up on HRC.


And we know how well that book did for her. As in, it was a dud.

This book can be seen as exactly what it is: desperate, backwards gazing and second-guessing, as Democrats try to piece together what happened to their identity politics, “first woman president” narrative.

Crown Publishing frames the book by saying, “”a big-picture narrative of the candidate’s shortcomings and misfortunes that ultimately brought down what was widely considered a sure-fire presidential victory.”

And therein lies the problem, that they will, inevitably miss.

Clinton was not owed the presidency, neither because she was a woman, nor because of her last name.

The book is scheduled for release on April 18, 2017.


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