Even After Winning, Trump is Still Complaining of Rigged Polls

For the tough guy his acolytes make him out to be, President-elect Trump certainly has a fragile ego.

The mad king’s latest complaint seems to be taking form, and it hearkens back to the election season, when he insisted the election was being rigged against him.


Now, it’s national approval polls.

Good grief, man. Suck it up!

CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday morning showed Trump with 40 percent approval — six points lower than it was after Election Day, and lower than the last three presidents.

Frankly, I’m shocked that it’s that high.

A large portion of the nation were vehemently against Trump throughout the election season, and that has not changed, as evidenced by the massive protests being planned against him this week.

He has also lost support of some of those who only tentatively supported him through the election season, due to the things he’s said and done since winning.

Half of those who responded to the CNN poll say they are less confident that he can do the job of the presidency.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll also released Tuesday found just 40 percent respondents approved of how Trump has handled his presidential transition, and 54 percent viewed him unfavorable.

In comparison, the last four presidents all had approval ratings of at least 72 percent for how they handled their transitions.


Do you get the notion that a lot of Americans are feeling trapped in a nightmare and all they want to do is wake up?

Gallup poll released late last week showed Trump’s approval rating at 44 percent and his disapproval rating at 51 percent — the lowest approval rating Gallup has recorded for a president-elect prior to inauguration.

Of course, Trump is pointing out how wrong the polls were before the election, and he’s within his rights to do so.

Nearly every poll seemed to show that today we would be getting ready to seat the first woman president. Even Trump, in the days leading up to the election, seemed to be preparing for his loss, as he pre-warned his Trumpidian hive that the election was rigged.

I’m pretty sure that no one was more surprised by Trump’s win than Trump.

Now that he’s in, however, he shouldn’t think that it’s going to be some magnificent lovefest, as now the polls will become more results-centered, and people expect him to get serious about the job.



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