Sen Lindsey Graham Publicly Apologizes to Ted Cruz For a Bad 2016 "Joke"

This was really, really nice.

In what this election season and the new age of Trump has wrought on society, we should be extra appreciative of the small gestures.


Back in February 2016, while the heat of the election season was at full blast, with Trump and Cruz in a heated battle for the GOP win, Senator Lindsey Graham said something awful.

Graham joked that if Senator Ted Cruz were murdered on the Senate floor, and the trial was held by the Senate, nobody would convict the killer.

A month earlier, he compared a choice between Cruz and Trump to being either shot or poisoned.

I’m sure it seemed funny to him, at the time. Cruz has a reputation for being “disliked” among most (not all) of his colleagues.

Today, however, while appearing on MSNBC, Graham did the civil, decent thing.

He apologized.

“Love is everywhere,” Graham said during an interview Thursday on MSNBC.

“I want to apologize to Ted for saying he should be killed on the Senate floor.”

“At least we’re not on the Senate floor now,” Cruz said.

That’s what we need to hear and see from our elected officials – now, more than ever.


Out of all the ugliness of this new age of Trumpism, we still need civility. It is a rare commodity, and I dare say, as time advances, and the Pandora’s Box of troubles that putting an inexperienced, reality TV huckster in the top elected office in the land will bring down on us may only be thwarted by rational lawmakers, intent on maintaining their humanity, not discarding it.

I must point out that for all of his barbs in the early months of 2016, Graham did go on in March to concede that support for Cruz was necessary to stop Trump, and even held a fundraiser for him.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough support, in the end, but at least they’re mending fences.


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