The New Presidential Limo Will be a BEAST

Wait… Is this real?

I don’t know if this is a thing, or not, but in the age of Trump, nothing over-the-top can be discounted, and in this case, it is awesome!

The Hill is reporting on what is to be Trump’s presidential limo.


Dubbed “the Beast,” or its considerably less cool title, “Cadillac One,” the new limo is set to roll out on inauguration day. Its estimated cost is $1.5 million, and I don’t even think that’s because of Trump’s signature gold plating.

The limo will be stocked with the president’s blood type in case the ambulance that travels with the motorcade can’t get access to Trump, Auto Week said. It also will be equipped with a tear gas cannon and a shotgun.

“Cadillac One” will also reportedly be plated with military-grade armor, making the doors so heavy that president Trump won’t be able to open them from the inside.

A tear gas cannon and shotgun.

I can actually get the need for such precautions. Things are ugly out there. We’ve not seen this level of public anger and divisiveness for many decades, so the president-elect can’t be faulted for seeking a little extra protection for his time in office.

Let the betting pool begin now, as to who Trump will use the tear gas cannon on first – protesters, or the press.



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