CA Democrat Slams Trump Over His Criticism of Media, Intelligence Community

This may be sounding the alarm a little soon, but I get it. I really do, and I’ve gave these warnings, myself.

Trump’s dismissive behavior towards the nation’s intelligence community and the media makes people uncomfortable.

It should.

We know the media isn’t what it used to be, but a free press still maintains a valuable function. When you have a leader who wants the public to doubt not only the people charged with protecting us from threats abroad and at home, but also the vehicles through which the public can stay informed of the world around them, who is left?

Well, only that leader and his administration.

That being said, the report released last night about supposed sensitive “blackmail” material that Russia has been holding over Trump’s head – completely unsubstantiated – didn’t really build confidence in the media, which is already struggling, due to the very partisan nature it has taken on.

President-elect Trump showed his rancor for the press in a testy exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta today, during a morning press conference:

Though CNN reported that the memos had not been confirmed, Trump dismissed CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s attempts to ask a question at the press conference, calling the news network “terrible.”

“Don’t be rude,” Trump told Acosta as he attempted to ask a question. “No, I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”

Trump has frequently turned his ire on the press, calling reporters “dishonest” and criticizing specific news organizations that critically report on him as “failing.” He has also suggested that as president, he would “open up” libel laws to make it easier to sue news organizations.

After the press conference, California Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff tweeted out a response, which countering an earlier tweet by Trump.

It was an odd invocation of Nazi Germany, but, Trump.

Schiff seemed to be giving a warning.


The should of encouragement for our intelligence community was a nice touch.

For the record, I don’t think Trump is going to institute book burnings, or shut down the media. There are checks and balances in place, for a reason.

Besides, technology and the world of information has become much too big for a man of Trump’s limited understanding to accomplish half of what he threatens.

I have to add, it really is pleasantly amusing to see Democrats suddenly forced to be respectful of our intelligence community, as well as free speech.