Sen Lindsey Graham: If You're Cheering Russia, You're Not a Patriot

You won’t catch me agreeing with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on much, but when the man is right, he’s right.

On Sunday, Graham put it bluntly: If you’re cheering on Russia, you’re not a patriot. You’re “a political hack.”


This is the point where the fawning Trump devotees start using the terms “GOPe” and “RiNO” completely wrong.

“Most Republicans are condemning what Russia did. And to those who are gleeful about it — you’re a political hack. You’re not a Republican. You’re not a patriot,” Graham said during an appearance on NBC News’s “Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.”

The report on supposed Russian involvement in the 2016 election was released by the intelligence community on Friday. The conclusion was that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered an influence campaign before the election, presumably to help Trump win.

It’s not news, nor is it shocking that Russia tried to influence the election. They’ve done it before, and in other nations.

The “shocking” part is that so many on the right are making excuses for it, or even outright cheerleading for Russia.

I’m looking at you, Sean Hannity.

And here’s where I point out, again, that Russia is not our friend. Trump has spent so much time openly admiring an authoritarian regime, where journalists and political rivals are murdered, freedom of religion is restricted, and the state is the final word on all things, it’s no wonder that Putin would rather have Trump in the White House.

Trump does not know what he’s doing, and he is predictable. Praise earns his favor. Criticism, of any kind, sets off Tweet-tantrums.

Graham continued:

“We should all — Republicans, Democrats — condemn Russia for what they did. To my Republican friends who are gleeful, you’re making a huge mistake,” Graham said.

Graham added that he hopes Trump, who signaled in his campaign that he would work for a better relationship with the Kremlin, takes advantage of the chance to “make Russia pay a price” for trying to meddle in the election.

Graham also said he was “perplexed” by Trump’s rhetoric on Russia.

“I don’t know what drives him on Russia, but I do know this. That if our policies don’t change vis a vis Russia, the worst is yet to come. And the Congress is going to have a different view on Russia than the president-elect does,” he said.


And they should.

Trump has had far stronger words for the intelligence community that reported on the Russian involvement than he has had for Russia.

That needs to change, as well.

Trump ran for this job, he managed to sell himself to enough people to get this job, now he needs to take the job seriously, or just step aside.

When we say Russia is not our friend, that includes Trump. If Russia truly wanted to turn this election to Trump, it wasn’t because they wanted the U.S. to have a strong, competent leader. It’s because they wanted us weakened and broken to the point that we would no longer be a threat to their interests in the world.

That should really chill the blood of some of Trump’s fanboys.





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