EXCELLENT: Liberty University is Getting an On-Campus Shooting Range

It’s no secret that I’ve been pretty disgusted with my alma mater, Liberty University, lately.

Not because of the school, itself. It’s a great school, with friendly, helpful staff, and the professors are awesome.


No, my disgust has been reserved for the school president, Jerry Falwell Jr.

His Trump bootlicking, in spite of the moral decay Trump represents is a betrayal of his father’s name and of the values Liberty University was built upon.

“Training Champions for Christ.”

I’m golf-clapping for the school and for Falwell Jr. today, however. This bit of awesome news really should excite parents and incoming students.

Per the request of the school, the Campbell County board of supervisors approved a request, with a 6 – 0 vote, to build a $3 million shooting range on 500 acres of school property.

Liberty University is about to become one of the safest college campuses in the nation.

Said Falwell, while appearing on “Fox and Friends” earlier:

“We have a mountain on campus, and we thought we’d use it for recreation,” Falwell said. “We’ve been able to avoid a lot of the sexual assault problems that you see at a lot of universities by giving students positive alternatives to keep them busy and to keep them entertained. The shooting range will be part of that.”

The range will not only serve students, but it will also be available as a training facility for local law enforcement officers.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up, for this move. It almost makes me want to go back.


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