Cult Leader Charles Manson Rushed to Hospital, "Seriously Ill" *updated*

With all the celebrities taken in 2016, I don’t think there would be many who would feel quite so nostalgic to see Charles Manson kick off the new year as the first “known” individual to go to his eternal slumber.



Murderous cult leader Charles Manson, whose followers carried a series of grisly murders in 1969, is being treated at a California hospital for an undisclosed medical issue, according to reports.

The 82-year-old was taken from Corcoran State Prison, where he is serving a life sentence, to a hospital in Bakersfield, TMZ first reported Tuesday afternoon.

The Los Angeles Times later reported that Manson was “seriously ill,” citing an unnamed source who could not provide specifics.

Well, he’s 82-years old. It happens.

Manson is a true freak, and is the convicted mastermind behind a series of cult-inspired murders in the late 1960s.

He is currently serving nine life sentences for reportedly instructing his followers, known as “the Family” to kill seven people in the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders.

Of those murders, the most famous victim was the 26-year old wife of director, Roman Polanski.

Sharon Tate was almost nine months pregnant at the time.

Manson and his followers had stated that the goal was to start a race war.

Through the years, Manson and his followers have repeatedly been denied parole.


A hearing on the possible release of 69-year-old Patricia Krenwinkel, who was present at the Tate house killings and is the longest-serving female inmate in California, was delayed last month while officers research whether she was the victim of abuse by Manson.

Leslie Van Houten, convicted in the LaBianca slayings, was recommended for release last year, but the 67-year-old’s parole was denied by California Gov. Jerry Brown.

Manson himself has been denied parole 12 times and is next scheduled for a parole hearing in 2027.

He’s 82, now. I think he should probably not be making plans for a release party.

California may have abolished the death penalty, but nature, most assuredly, has not.

UPDATE: He’s still hanging on.


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