Trump Claims Knowledge of the Russian Hacking Allegations That U.S. Intelligence Does Not Have

The first question should be how does he know these things?

This past week saw President Obama receive bipartisan support for sanctions passed on Russia, for their attempt to influence the 2016 election.


We’ll put aside that Obama wasn’t above trying to influence the last election in Israel, but…

Thirty-five Russian diplomats were expelled from the United States, in response to the interference. And let’s be clear, the correct term is “interference,” not hacking. The Democrat National Committee was hacked, and the fruit of that hack was used against them.

Do I feel sorry for the DNC and Hillary Clinton?

No. They deserve to be exposed and Hillary Clinton should never have been allowed to run for the presidency. She’s an awful candidate. She’s corrupt and inept. When we allow for foreign powers to meddle in our government, however, there’s a problem.

The FBI and CIA both suggest that information they have points to Russian involvement in the DNC hacks, in order to use the information to help Trump get elected.

Trump has signaled his deep admiration for Russia’s ex-KGB president, Vladimir Putin, so is likely seen as a potential ally in forcing Russian interests in key areas, such as Syria and the Ukraine.

Trump, for his part, would like to see it all go away, and has suggested as much. His latest, on Saturday, is that he knows things others don’t know.

“I just want them to be sure, because it’s a pretty serious charge, and I want them to be sure,” Trump told pool reporters Saturday in Florida, where he is ringing in the new year.

“If you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster, and they were wrong. And so I want them to be sure,” he continued.

“I think it’s unfair if they don’t know. And I know a lot about hacking. And hacking is a very hard thing to prove. So it could be somebody else.”

“I also know things that other people don’t know, and so they cannot be sure of the situation,” Trump responded when asked why he doubts intelligence reports of Russian hacking, according to a pool reporter.


That’s a curious statement from an incoming president. We know he has daily security briefings made available to him now, but where do those briefings come from, if not the very intelligence community he’s blowing off?

And if the knowledge he claims to have is not coming from the intelligence community, where is it coming from?

He now says we’ll know Tuesday or Wednesday what he knows.

I’ll just put this out there as a little morsel to ruminate on: A U.S. president-elect is asking us to doubt the media, doubt U.S. intelligence, doubt other elected officials, all while assuring us that he is the only trustworthy voice and he is the only one who can save the nation (he has said as much).

Nothing about that should make you feel comfortable.



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