Michael Moore Wants You to Disrupt Trump's Presidency

For lack of 24-hour buffets to keep him occupied, our society seems to be forever plagued by Michael Moore.

Great. You were right about Trump winning, Michael, but that doesn’t make you the old guard of all things Americana. I can’t stand Trump and my expectations are low, but the time to disrupt him was before he was elected. Now that he’s won, you take everything on a case-by-case basis. He might stumble into something good. We don’t want to disrupt that before it begins.


That, apparently, is Michael Moore’s latest grab for relevancy: He wants to disrupt the Trump presidency before it begins. Posting to his Facebook page, Moore called on citizens to go through what he named as five steps to thwart Trump.

“All hands on deck! Brush your yourself off and let’s get busy because: a) All hope is not lost; b) There are more of us than there are of them; and c) The roadside is littered with the ended careers of self-absorbed, narcissistic politicians whose arrogance led them to do things that caused their early resignation or impeachment. Don’t think that can’t happen here,” Moore wrote.

  1. A) He won. B) Define “us,” you ridiculous dude, and C) there are, so just cool your jets and if Trump is the idiot so many see him as, he’ll take care of the problem for us.

Moore’s first call to duty is to show up at a local lawmaker’s office. If he or she is a Democrat, tell the congressman or senator to “aggressively fight the Trump agenda.” If the lawmaker is a Republican who agrees to “support the new president,” threaten him or her by promising to “unseat them in 2018.”

“Say it politely, thank them, then leave. You actually showing up in person to do this is as powerful as 100 letters or a large demonstration on the street in front of their office. Do this and post it on social media. Post it on my Facebook or Twitter and I’ll try to re-post/tweet as many as I can,” he wrote.


It’s almost as if Moore doesn’t realize that a large number of Americans actually want to give Trump a chance. Even I’ll give him a chance. I’m actually praying that I’m wrong about him. You’re using Trump as a way to direct attention to yourself. I notice there wasn’t a lot going on in the media about Michael Moore for the last eight years. His last line, directing people to go to his Facebook or Twitter is a bit of a tell.

Second, Moore commanded people write the Democratic National Committee and tout their support for Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. Then, each person should select a group of friends or family members to be part of a personal “rapid response team.” The purpose of the team is to alert one another when Congress or the White House takes action that Moore tells the public they should be against. Moore recommends people follow his Facebook and Twitter to receive his “instructions” about “what we all must do” come post-inauguration.

That’s pretty funny.

Moore is going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be for.

So much “WOW” there, but suffices to say, it’s what’s to be expected from liberals.

Group think.

He goes on to suggest they show up in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day and “peacefully disrupt” the proceedings.

We’ve seen how those “peaceful” protests go. It may not work out that way. Then again, I feel pretty certain he knows that.

He then went on to suggest protesters should run for public office.

“Form your campaign committee now for the elections in 2017 and 2018. (If you need me, I’ll even offer to be your honorary chair!) You know you can do this. We have no choice. We’ve left it up to others – yes, Democrats – and they are inept and continual losers,” he wrote.


Kind of him to offer to put himself in the middle of everything, isn’t it?

I’m sure none of this is about him.

I get the angst. I get that there are people ranging anywhere from unhappy to absolutely terrified about the prospects of a Trump presidency. I have my own apprehensions. That being said, my advice is to be vigilante in prayer for our nation, for Trump, and for those who advise and surround Trump. Stay involved and aware, and know your rights. Know the law.

People like Michael Moore make a living out of continually stirring the pot. This is no different, and Donald Trump is the greatest gift Moore could have received, because he can once again play the provocateur.

Be aware of that, also.



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