Former Presidents Are Not RSVP'ing to Attend Trump's Inauguration

It’s not just entertainment Trump is having trouble signing to appear at his inauguration.

Apparently, there is some hesitation on the part of former presidents to attend.


I can sort of get why Bill Clinton wouldn’t be RSVP’ing, although, it would be amusing to see he and Hillary stroll into the ballroom.

I’m pretty sure the mass hysteria splattered across the front pages of liberal news media the next day would be the stuff of legends.

I’d love to see both Bush presidents show up, but I also wouldn’t blame them. Trump was vicious towards their family during the primaries. They don’t owe him anything, now.

That’s very likely not all of it, however. The elder Bush is in his nineties. Partying and revelry are likely no longer high on his list of priorities.

According to the Washington Examiner, however, there’s still one former president willing to RSVP:

Jimmy Carter recently announced to his Sunday school class in Georgia that he plans to attend the Jan. 20 event.

So he got Jimmy Carter.

Carter had earlier expressed his favor for Trump during the primaries, noting that Trump would be more “malleable” if he made it to the White House.

He got his wish, so the least he can do is attend the inauguration.


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