Obama Goes Hard at Media for "Unfair" Coverage of Hillary Clinton

Obama Goes Hard at Media for "Unfair" Coverage of Hillary Clinton
President Barack Obama hugs Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after addressing the delegates during the third day session of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Wednesday, July 27, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Well, it worked for Donald Trump, so I guess we can forgive President Obama for ripping a page from the president-elect’s playbook.


On Friday, Obama droned on about how Hillary Clinton was treated by the media during the election, essentially berating them for not going far enough to cover Clinton’s back.

“I’ve said before that I couldn’t be prouder of Secretary Clinton, her outstanding service,” the president said during his year-end press conference at the White House. “I think she has worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people, and I don’t think she was treated fairly during the election. I think the coverage of her and the issues was troubling.”

Yes, because the media forced Clinton to keep sensitive documents on a private server. The media destroyed emails, smashed hard drives with hammers, and even used BleachBit to erase those emails.

Or maybe his thinking is that media should look the other way when something of this magnitude, concerning a person running to take control of our nation is involved?

I’m not sure.

He also addressed the leak of information through WikiLeaks.

The president chided the press for not covering the publication of the stolen emails as an assault on national security, given the intelligence community’s assessment that Russia carried out those hacks.

The CIA and FBI reportedly agree that Russia hacked Democratic computer systems in an attempt to influence the presidential election in favor of President-elect Donald Trump.

“I’m finding it a little curious that suddenly everyone’s acting surprised that this looked like it was disadvantaging Hillary Clinton because you guys wrote about it every day,” Obama said. “Every single week. About every little juicy tidbit of political gossip, including John Podesta’s risotto recipe.”

“This was an obsession that dominated the new coverage,” he said of the emails.

Because it’s news.

I realize that he may feel his legacy is threatened.

He served eight years and it left such a bad taste in America’s mouth that they were willing to elect Donald Trump.

There’s also the fact that Clinton’s shot at the presidency died because of self-inflicted wounds.

Yes, the email leaks proved to be damaging, but the majority of coverage there came from non-traditional media.

The email scandals, hearings, Benghazi (highlighted by the “What difference does it make?” arrogance) are all newsworthy points of interest, and none of them made Hillary Clinton an appealing candidate.

Even the questions about her health were fair game.

What Obama suggested is that by doing their job, the media stepped off of the liberal plantation.

Democrats do themselves no favors by looking for someone to blame. They need to do some introspective inventory of the party and how they relate to the American people.

The facts remain that Hillary Clinton was just an awful candidate. She represented an attempt at creating a political dynasty in Washington, at a time when the American people were angry enough to want to punish politicians.

Hillary’s loss is Hillary’s fault.




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