So Desperate: Sarah Palin Volunteers to Keep an Eye on Russia

She. Wont. Go. Away.

Sarah Palin seems desperate, at this point. She is inserting herself into every controversy and doing her version of Stupid Human Tricks, in order to get Donald Trump’s attention.


I get it.

She blew her gig as governor of Alaska.

The VP thing was a bust.

Fox rejected her.

She had several shots at reality TV and those fell through.

It would seem the homey, “Mama Grizzly” bit was only good for a limited amount of mileage and the tires went flat several miles back.

All that’s left is that screeching voice and a wealth of embarrassment.

Her latest act of sniveling toadyism consisted of her jumping into the fray concerning the CIA report that Russia interfered in the election, in an attempt to get Trump elected.

“Russia’s getting out of hand? So says the defeated,” Palin tweeted, appearing to question the CIA report.

Her skepticism echoed President-elect Donald Trump’s, who called the Washington Post’s report on the Russian interference “another excuse” from Democrats to explain their loss.

Palin piled on in her tweet, adding, “Remember I can keep an eye on them from here,” an allusion to a 2008 interview in which she said her time in Alaska gave her insight into Russian actions.

The defeated who?

Trump wasn’t running against the CIA.

For that matter, he was barely running against the Democrats, since around 90% of his attacks were aimed at Republicans.


Palin’s naked attempt at ingratiating herself to the president-elect will go over fine with the Trump faithful, but it doesn’t line up with the opinions of those who aren’t dancing  on a string for the puppet master.

But a bipartisan group of senators said earlier Sunday that the reports should “alarm every American,” and called for an investigation.

In other words, being so quick to discount the CIA’s report and what it could potentially mean for our nation makes Palin unfit for anything other than parking her on that plot of Alaskan land that faces Russia, and having her stand there for the next four years.



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