Trump's Latest Fever Tweeting Targets Voter Fraud Skeptics

But… you won!

Showing that same lack of commonsense and self-control that some voters actually believe will usher in a new Golden Age for the U.S., President-elect Trump went on another Twitter tirade.

This time, his target was CNN News.

As best as anyone can tell, CNN has apparently raised questions about Trump’s claim of voter fraud.

Trump’s ego won’t allow him to accept that he is less than adored by the entirety of the  proletariat masses. Just winning the presidency wasn’t enough.

He began on Monday night by retweeting someone who apparently believes it is the job of the news industry to prove there is not voter fraud.

No. As I said, his winning isn’t proof enough that he wasn’t a “victim of voter fraud.”

I’m sure Hillary Clinton woke up on November 9 and felt her evil plan had worked to perfection. She must really hate this nation.

Ok. She lost. In a landslide, even. What are you ranting about, again?

Oh, right. You’re a victim of something.

And maybe they are. They were never that great, to begin with. Few of the cable news networks are anything other than propaganda mills, at this point, appealing to the lowest common denominators of the partisan cesspool.

Trump, however, is not doing himself any favors. He’s laying a solid foundation of evidence for networks like CNN to point back to, when in some future broadcast, they do a feature story on how mentally unstable autocrats come to power in once-prosperous and free nations.

It’s time for Trump to do with his Twitter account what he’ll do with his duties as president and delegate someone else to do the actual tweeting for him.

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