WI Gov Scott Walker Blasts Recount Efforts as "Hard to Justify"

It’s his state’s reputation on the line, after all.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is not pleased with Jill Stein and the Clinton campaign’s attempts to cast doubt on the integrity of the vote in his state.

Walker, a former candidate for the presidency, lashed out on Twitter Monday.

He’s not wrong, here. The 22,000 vote lead enjoyed by Trump is pretty decisive and what they feel a recount will achieve is questionable.

Voter ID really does make election day fraud more difficult to pull off.

Are you listening, North Carolina Democrats?

Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, began the push for the recount in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. She filed for Wisconsin’s recount on Friday.

The Hill reports:

The Wisconsin Election Commission announced Green Party nominee Jill Stein filed her request that afternoon, while Reform Party nominee Rocky De La Fuente also filed for a recount.

The commission added it is now working under a Dec. 13 deadline to finish re-tabulating the votes.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign have announced that they, also, will join the efforts to see those votes recounted.

As has been noted, over and over again, it is highly unlikely to change anything.

My own suspicion is that Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are Ground Zero to begin the push to end the electoral college system of voting in the nation and institute the popular vote.

They’re liberals. They’re always shocked when the reality of living in a diverse society smacks them in the face.


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