Virtual Vandals "Rename" Trump Tower on Google Maps Search

Ok. Not nice.

Somebody is playing with the listings on Google Maps.

According to Buzzfeed News online users were greeted with this, on Saturday:

Trump Tower, the New York home of President-elect Donald Trump and headquarters for his campaign and transition team, has been showing up as “Dump Tower” in Google Maps.


Imagine looking up the building, just to swing by and see where the President-elect lives, and seeing this:

It’s not the first time virtual vandals have played with the listings.

Back in 2015, searching for the White House on Google Maps would direct you to “N*gga House.”

Also, not nice.

Supposedly, the actual listing was corrected by Saturday evening, but if you’re just looking up the area, rather than the building, itself, you still see it listed as “Dump Tower.”

People really have lost their minds.



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