Liberty University's Falwell Jr. Turned Down Position of Education Secretary

Wait… after months of working to destroy his father’s name and ruin the reputation of Liberty University, there’s no payoff?

As we know now, Betsy DeVos, a charter school advocate, is President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to fill the slot of Secretary of Education. Before this announcement, however, it was believed that he would offer the position to one of his loyal acolytes, Liberty University president, Jerry Falwell Jr.


Falwell has been tireless in stumping for Trump, to the point of the embarrassment of Liberty’s board, and the student body.

As a Liberty University alumni, I can speak personally about the disappointment of choosing a school like Liberty, only to have it later misrepresented to the world by a school president, who poses proudly with a serial adulterer in front of a cover of “Playboy” magazine.

Speaking on Saturday, however, Falwell explained why DeVos is in, as Education Secretary, and he is out.

Falwell told The Associated Press on Saturday that Trump offered him the job last week during a meeting in New York. He says Trump wanted a four- to six-year commitment, but Falwell says he couldn’t leave Liberty for more than two years.

Falwell says he couldn’t afford to work a cabinet-level job in Washington for longer than that and didn’t want to move his family, especially his 16-year-old daughter.


So a sense of commitment is keeping Falwell from further serving Trump.

This commitment should have extended to his family reputation and the school, long before students had to put out a letter repudiating his dragging them behind him on the campaign trail.


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