LATEST: NC-Gov McCrory Makes a New Request in His Battle to Keep Office

North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory seems to have been frustrated at every turn, in his efforts to have a lawful recanvassing done in his bid to keep his governorship.

Just to recap: Governor McCrory saw his lead over Attorney General Roy Cooper rise to a bit over 52,000 votes on election night.

In the waning hours of the night, just after midnight, Durham County announced there were 94,000 ballots that had been left out of their initial count, and with their addition, Cooper took a 3,000 vote lead.

Cooper and state Democrats rushed to declare victory, but Governor McCrory went on to ask for a recanvassing of all provisional ballots.

As the days turned into weeks, multiple protests were filed with county boards of election, as well as the state Board of Election, alleging suspicion of fraudulent votes.

As of this date, the boards of election have either made the choice to dismiss most of those protests, or have refused to hear them.

Also, out of 100 counties, almost 90 have neglected to comply with the recanvassing request.

This is pretty much a case of suspected fraud and corruption going on because those who are in a position to examine the complaints have taken an apathetic-to-indolent approach to their jobs.

The McCrory camp, most likely due to the inaction of the North Carolina State Board of Elections, who have otherwise seemed lost in the process, have made a decision and announced this weekend, even as Roy Cooper has begun to assemble a transition team.

(That would be because transitioning from a lazy grifter in the state’s Attorney General’s office to a lazy grifter in the state’s Governor’s office requires a lot of transition.)

From Governor McCrory’s website:

  • Raleigh, N.C. – Today, attorney and registered Durham County voter Thomas Stark filed a formal appeal with the State Board of Elections in relation to the ‘malfeasance’ in tabulating approximately 90,000 ballots that were reported just before midnight on Election Day. The original complaint reasonably demands the County Board of Elections conduct a recount of the original paper ballots before the county’s canvass date. The county denied this request and the Pat McCrory Committee concurs in a call for an expedited appeal of the protest for a full recount of the Durham county early vote ballots. This reasonable request will provide confidence and clarity in the Durham results for the voters of North Carolina. Upon completion of this recount, we can better assess next steps.

“It was concerning to learn that the Durham County Board decided to not approve attorney Tom Stark’s protest to recount the early vote totals from election night. The malfunctions and irregularities in Durham have been extremely troubling to this campaign and the people of North Carolina, and the State Board confirmed several errors. We are now left with no other position but to request the State Board of Elections expeditiously order a full recount of Durham county early vote totals. Once this occurs, we can all move towards a conclusion of this process,” said Russell Peck, campaign manager for the Pat McCrory Committee.

As earlier reported by ABC11, there has been a long history of voting problems in Durham County. In the 2016 general election, electronic errors, glitches and untrained staff caused major problems that received bipartisan scorn. Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens even stated in a recent hearing on the problems, “Durham historically hasn’t figured out how to carry out an election properly.”

During the March 15 primary election, the Durham County Board of Elections mishandled roughly 1,900 provisional ballots forcing the state to allow eligible voters to recast their ballots months later. It was also recently reported that the state board of elections turned over their completed investigation to investigators who are now looking into whether crimes were committed in this case, as election officials said the wrong vote count was accurate and some votes may have been counted twice.

If a Durham recount provides the same results as earlier posted, the McCrory Committee will be prepared to withdraw its statewide recount request in the Governor’s race.

So they will be focusing on one, troubled county, rather than the entire state, in order to determine if McCrory fights on, or if George Soros’ well-paid North Carolina puppet gets to dance in Raleigh for the next four years.

It’s a risky move. Durham’s population runs heavily Democrat. There’s no doubt that Republicans lost that county. It was one of a handful of the Tar Heel state’s 100 counties that Republicans didn’t sweep.

Meanwhile, of the few counties that have conducted the recanvassing, McCrory has shown some leads, cutting what some outlets reported was a 7,000 lead for Cooper down to 5,000. This is with the great majority of counties not turning in their count.

Maybe McCrory is just tired?

He may be tired of the legal maneuvering and the expense involved.

He may be tired of leftist idiots – who apparently have no jobs or lives to go to – who spend all of their time outside of the Governor’s mansion in Raleigh, chanting, blowing horns, and yelling obscenities.

He may be tired of his wife getting yelled at when she ventures into town.

Whatever the case may be, keep hoping for the best. McCrory is the last stand for real conservatism in this nation. If he falls, he will be used as a warning from leftists to other Republican governors around the nation, that they will be targeted, and they will be ruined if they stand on principles that are against the cultural Marxist agenda.



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