Marco Rubio Condemns Obama's "Pathetic" Statement on Castro

Who actually believed President Obama, who has sought to normalize relations with the Castro regime and a broken Cuba – even to the point of considering giving back Guantanamo Bay – would issue any sort of statement that spoke with power and resolve about Castro’s death?


Obama’s statement was a monument to impotence.

Maybe the realization that his own political leanings bear a stronger resemblance to the beliefs and policies of Castro than to the people who elected him to serve have put a bridle on his thoughts?

Senator Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, issued his own, powerful statement on Castro’s death, but then lashed out at the feckless nature of President Obama’s statement.

Rubio has, in the recent past, strongly opposed Obama’s moves made towards renewing and normalizing the nation’s relationship with Cuba.


Expect this weekend to be flooded with idiocy from the left, as they celebrate the dictator’s “stellar” life.

And if Senator Rubio is reading, he owes Senator Tom Cotton lunch, at least.

Maybe tell us how you really feel next time, Senator Cotton?


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