"Saturday Night Live" Cold Open, Post-Election, is Both Horrible and Hilarious

I see I’m not the only one wondering how Kellyanne Conway lives with herself, for the great con she had a hand in selling the American people.

I usually find the Manhattan snobbery of the “Saturday Night Live” crowd to be tedious and unfunny. In fact, they haven’t been really enjoyable since I was a kid.

I’ve also long held their feelings of moral superiority in deep contempt, as I have for every liberal.

How dare they – baby killers, fascists, profaners, and reprobates of every vile stripe – look down on the rest of us, because of our family values, love of God and country?

I’m now eating a healthy dose of crow, as our side has effectively become “them,” by turning out in droves to worship an icon of hedonism and excess, simply because he told the masses to ignore what he says and does and just believe that in actuality, he’s “us.”

This week’s SNL cold open deals with the realization of Trump’s win, as it sinks in for campaign manager, Conway (played by Kate McKinnon, who also played Hillary Clinton in previous sketches), and Trump, himself.

McKinnon plays a beaten, remorseful Conway to a tee.

When Alec Baldwin’s Trump says, “I wouldn’t be president without you,” McKinnon-as-Conway’s face becomes visibly pained, as she chokes out, “I think about that every day.”

And yes, I howled.

SNL alum, Jason Sudeikis, makes an appearance as Mitt Romney, and the two share an uncomfortably long handshake, only to have a smiling Sudeikis finally say, “This isn’t going to work, is it?” before taking his leave.

I imagine this was to mimic how they perceived Romney’s visit with Trump last week may have went down.

Little was said about the meeting. Some speculate that Romney is being considered for the Secretary of State position, while a senior aide to Trump has said this was to allow Romney to “kiss the ring.”

Understand why I so desperately detest Trump and his people?

Several realizations hit the president-elect through the sketch, including the length of the border wall he’s promised, the fact that some of the voters may actually expect him to keep his promises about jobs, and at one point, he googled, “What is ISIS?”

Beck Bennett played Mike Pence, who showed up to discuss his experiences attending “Hamilton.”

Before he turns to leave, Baldwin/Trump grabs his shoulder, asking, “Mike… You’re going to do everything, right?”

It’s a small comfort, I suppose.

Only the fact that Baldwin is the “man” who called his 11-year old daughter a “pig” keeps me from loving him for his pitch-perfect parody of Trump.

Otherwise, we can expect a long, funny rebirth of “Saturday Night Live,” as this election and our new president-elect will likely be a bottomless well of material for them.

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