Is Mike Huckabee Really to be Ambassador to Israel?

No, he’s not.

Are we even sure where that rumor began? Probably by more deluded Christians-turned-Trump-followers who hope to assign holy prophecy to everything Trump touches.


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is denying rumors that he was asked to serve as Ambassador to Israel.

“That was not something that was even discussed,” Huckabee told Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor” on Friday. “It has been all over the news that it was not only discussed but it was a done deal. Where the press comes up with this stuff, they only know. But it was totally manufactured. Not true.”

Huckabee did mention that there was talk about a cabinet or advising position, but that nothing was decided, as he felt the position being discussed probably wasn’t the “right fit.”

“I wouldn’t discuss it is because somebody’s going to get that slot and I don’t want them to think that they are number two. Heck, I may have been number four for all I know. Here’s the point. I have said this many times, people who know, don’t talk. And people who talk, don’t know,” Huckabee added.

Trump usually includes senior staff with him in these mock job interviews for top positions in his administration, Huckabee admitted.

Keep that term in mind: mock job interviews.

I suspect it’s as I and others have mentioned before. Trump is allowing a lot of leaks to get out to the press, just to keep them guessing and keep them talking.

Still, Huckabee is a loyal and doting toady, who will get some position, even if not an ambassadorship. His drooling loyalty makes him a natural.


Trump met with former governor and 2012 presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, on Friday. Beforehand, Huckabee commented:

“I hope he makes an apology to Donald Trump. He was hurtful. He hurt the party. He hurt Donald Trump,” Huckabee said. “Donald Trump still won. He owes him apology and support. Little late for anything in the election. That’s what I hope happens. It’s a big, big thing of Donald Trump that he is willing to meet with Romney and have that sit down with him.”

Nobody owes Trump anything. The party wasn’t hurt by anything Romney said, as much as it has been hurt by Trump’s nomination.

It’s over-the-top boot licking like that, that will earn Huckabee a place in the Trump administration.

Every king’s court needs a jester, after all.

So, we can cool it for now, folks. Trust only about half of what you hear coming out of the Trump camp now.



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