WATCH: Potential for More Corruption in NC-Gov Race, as Residency of Voters Examined

It has become emotionally and mentally taxing to try and keep up with the overwhelming wave of corruption coming to light in North Carolina’s gubernatorial race.

While November 8 may have decided who would hold most offices in the coming new term, the Tar Heel state is in limbo, in regards to who will be governor.

On the night of the election, Governor Pat McCrory started behind, but began to rise along with the Republican ticket in the state, building a lead of over 50,000 votes with almost all precincts within the state reporting.

Donald Trump, Senator Richard Burr, even Lt. Governor Dan Forest all had been called as victors, by this time, but then, something odd occurred.

In the closing moments of the race, Durham County announced they had “found” a mind-boggling 90,000 votes that had not been counted before, and lo and behold – those 90,000 votes put Democrat challenger to the governorship, Attorney General Roy Cooper, 3,000 to 5,000 votes ahead.

Cooper and state Democrats quickly claimed victory and hoped this would go away.

McCrory, however, has earned his reputation as a fighter, and vowed to not let a race so very close go without full examination of every ballot.

Since that time, the cap has been popped and all the slime, corruption, and political sewage that makes up the Democrat party in North Carolina has been spilled out across the state.

At this time, 50 out of 100 counties have seen formal protests filed, citing corruption in the votes.

To date, hundreds of fraudulently filed absentee ballots have been found, perpetrated by what appears to be an absentee ballot mill, funded by a Democrat PAC.

Reports of felons and dead people voting, as well as people voting multiple times have been brought to light, prompting election protests.

Today, an organization called American Lens reported on an investigation that they took on themselves, and it brings into question voter residency.

From their website:

According to North Carolina law, The Board of Election is required to verify the validity of the applicant’s residence (§163-82.7). In most cases, there is an assumption that the residence is valid, however, a cursory check of the data in Durham County should have raised a flag of concern.

Our examination of same-day student registrations revealed that 240 students at Duke University were living at ‘1 Duke University Road, Durham.’

We then looked at online mapping sites, such as Google Maps and Bing Maps to understand why so many people were listed at the exact same address.

After receiving no help in verifying the existence of the address from the Duke University Police Department, the AL team decided to check for themselves.

We then drove along Duke University Drive and followed the directions from our GPS App to its true location.

Again, no such address was located. However, we did find a gravel parking lot that had about 20 cars in it and a shed.

According to North Carolina General Statute, the definition of “residence”  contains a provision that one’s voter residency at the time of registration should be where one sleeps.

But are people following the law? We believe that the majority are. However, in the case of these voters, it it is less certain. Additionally, we did a quick check on 30 names on the list through Social Media. We found that at least 60% of the names linked to a social account that identified the students as from another state.

Our examination of voter registrations revealed that Duke University has 240 students living at ‘1 Duke University Drive, Durham.’

That’s 240 snowflakes living in a parking lot, apparently.

Believing the Duke results may just be an anomaly, we looked at the data for other college campuses in both Durham and Wake counties. We found more than 700 voters were registered at a centralized campus locations and not where they sleep.

At North Carolina Central University (NCCU), 340 students were registered to the college’s generic address of 1801 Fayetteville Road, Durham, NC.

I can’t vouch for the absolute certainty of this investigation, but I’m not writing it off, either, as it seems the team with American Lens have been on the ground and have done their due diligence. Such attention to the details is how corruption is uncovered and dealt with.

And this is exactly what needs to happen.

Every ugly, dirty, corrupt attack and blatant attempt to steal this election needs to be brought to light.

When you see those protesters, led by the ungodly “Reverend” William Barber and state Democrats doing their “Moral Monday” theater around Raleigh, know that nothing they’re attached to has even a passing relationship with morality or truth.

This is the Democrat party in North Carolina.

Follow the link to see the American Lens people on the ground with this story:

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