NC-GOV: McCrory Closes in as Even More Vote Corruption Discovered

I intend to keep you in the loop on the very important race between North Carolina’s Governor McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Did I say this was a horse race?


As provisional ballots are being drawn in and considered, new figures have emerged from Brunswick County and Columbus County, North Carolina.

Governor McCrory gained 237 votes and Cooper gained 171 when the Brunswick County Board of Elections met Thursday to review provisional and absentee ballots cast in the 2016 General Election.

Elections Director Sara Knotts said a total of 785 provisional ballots were submitted. The county board approved 292 ballots, and did not approve 377. Knotts said research is needed before decisions can be made on 98 other provisional ballots. Knotts said she hopes that research will be completed before the board conducts the vote canvass on Friday morning to make the election results official.

According to Knotts, McCrory gained 160 of the approved provisional ballots, with Cooper gaining 100 and Libertarian candidate Lon Cecil gaining 17. Board members also added 144 absentee ballots, with McCrory gaining 72, to 67 for Cooper and 5 for Cecil. Ten curbside ballots were also added in during the meeting, five going to McCrory and four to Cooper.

When I tell you this race has me breathless, I’m not kidding around.

Every conservative, whether a citizen of North Carolina or not, should be on the edge of their seats, white-knuckling the arm rests, wide-eyed and sweating.

It really is that important.

Bladen County, which I wrote about earlier in the week, have delayed their count until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

The delay, according to Bobby Lumley, Chairman of the Bladen County Board of Elections, has nothing to do with the complaint filed earlier, in regards to around 400 fraudulent absentee ballots that were proven to have the same handwriting, setting off complaints in 11 other counties that showed similar irregularities. Rather, there is an issue with voters who registered at the Department of Motor Vehicles across the state.


Elections workers in Columbus County reviewed 283 provisional ballots in a meeting Thursday. Board members approved 78 of those ballots, with Cooper gaining 40 votes and McCrory gaining 33. There were no absentee ballots added during the meeting.

In New Hanover County, the Board of Elections approved 954 of the 2,232 submitted provisional ballots, and also approved 564 absentee ballots. County Elections Director Derek Bowens says 190 ballots still need to be reviewed. Workers did not tabulate the approved ballots, so we do not know if they change the outcome of any county races. That won’t be known until the vote canvass, which will likely be delayed until next Tuesday, November 22, because of the DMV registration issue.

On the night of the election, after news of Durham’s “found” 90,000 ballots was made known, Governor McCrory tossed out November 18 as a potential best case scenario for deciding this race.

We now see that is not the case, and this is one that could likely go until the end of the month, minimum.


As I was finishing up this column, more news was posted to Governor McCrory’s Facebook page:

BREAKING NEWS: Protests are being filed in 50 North Carolina counties to challenge known instances of votes being cast by dead people, felons or individuals who voted more than once. Additional ballot protests are expected as additional cases are discovered.

“Now we know why Roy Cooper fought so hard against voter ID and other efforts to combat voter fraud as attorney general,” said Russell Peck, Pat McCrory’s campaign manager. “With each passing day, we discover more and more cases of voting fraud and irregularities. We intend to make sure that every vote is properly counted and serious voter fraud concerns are addressed before the results of the election can be determined.”


Keep in mind Roy Cooper, the vile, rotund reprobate who calls himself “Reverend” William Barber (head of North Carolina’s NAACP), North Carolina’s Democrat party, and every despicable, bused in, Soros-paid outside agitator have been battling Governor McCrory every step of the way, from the day he took office in January 2013.

Weeks before the election, liberal judges with Virginia’s 4th Circuit Court of Appeals tossed out North Carolina’s voter ID laws in a blatant attempt to allow this state to fall back into the dirty hands of Democrats.

This is what we’re fighting against, and this is why this race is so much bigger than just the state of North Carolina.








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