NY City Mayor de Blasio Gets Some Private Time to Vent to President-Elect Trump

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump and his candidacy.

Today, the mayor and the president-elect met, presumably, so de Blasio could lay down the law, as it pertains to New York City.

The New York City mayor, who’s been critical of Trump and backed Hillary Clinton for president, convened with the businessman at Trump Tower late Wednesday morning and said they met for a little over an hour. He previously spoke with Trump by phone earlier this week.

“This was a respectful meeting and a substantive meeting and a very candid meeting,” de Blasio told reporters on Wednesday following his meeting with Trump. “I don’t think lecturing is the right word to use.”

That certainly sounds like de Blasio still feels like the king of New York.

“I thought it was very important, particularly as the president-elect begins his transition, for him to hear the voices of the people and to get some perspective from outside the transition bubble, understand what’s being said in the streets and subways of our city and why people are so deeply concerned.”

He wouldn’t get into details of what was discussed, but you can bet stop-and-frisk was discussed.

Most certainly, making Steve Bannon chief strategist was discussed.

“I made my views clear and my deep concerns about Mr. Bannon,” de Blasio said. “Many people afraid of things they’ve seen in Breitbart News and it suggests divisive policies.”

Expect more of the same, as the next few weeks unfold.

More and more leaders from different liberal bastions will question Trump’s authority, as more and more also decide to do whatever they choose, in spite of him, such as Chicago’s corrupt Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel, along with de Blasio, and mayors from Seattle, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, to name a few, have vowed to oppose Trump’s immigration policies.

This is how anarchy begins.

It’s going to be a grand ride for the next couple of years.

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