No. Quarter. Given.

As someone who has given no quarter in the fight against Trumpism and the noxious stain it has left on our nation, don’t expect me to soften my stance, now.

He is every bit the godless reprobate he was when he first entered the race. He’s just a godless reprobate who now has been given power.

My deepest hope is that the majority held by Republicans in the House and Senate – men and women who actually know what they’re doing – will be enough to keep his liberal leanings in check.

When he does everything left of Obama, I pray that party loyalty won’t prevent them from putting a leash on him.

After all, they don’t have to worry about being called “racist” or “sexist” by opposing him, so that’s a win for us, at least.

The facts are, everybody was wrong, from beginning to end, about how this election was going to go. I certainly was, and maybe it was me just hoping against hope that we, as a nation, were better people.

Ultimately, I think Hillary’s unlikeable nature, the overpowering air of corruption that has dogged her every step, and the fatigue of Clinton scandals was enough to write her final chapter.

I’m thrilled she lost.

From the moment she said the words, “Don’t you want a woman president?” I longed to see her defeated. She felt entitled to the position, because of her vagina.

How demeaning to women everywhere, the idea that we must be given stuff that we have not earned, simply to meet some identity quota.

That doesn’t mean Trump earned the position.

He did not. He has shown no ability to truly understand the complex nature of our country’s problems, or the ability to work well with others, in order to get things done.

He’s a face. Whenever you see him and his ridiculous hair, it’s product placement to promote his brand, but nothing more.

Our once-great republic is now the equivalent of a national McDonald’s drive-thru.

As for those who would continue to blaspheme the faith and claim Trump to be the prophetic coming – stop.

There was a 50/50 shot of those “prophecies” being right.

What about all the others that said he wouldn’t get it?

The only spiritual significance I put to this is that God is about to use this horrible man to reveal and separate.

When you have Christian women worshiping at the altar of adultery, pornography, and sexual abuse, how long before whatever threads of their faith costume are left become unraveled?

My feelings have not changed, one bit. I knew there would be no positive outcome in this election, no matter who won.

The good news is, God is still on His throne. None of this is a shock to Him, and He will use this to see His will done in this land.



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