Clinton Supporters Use the Day to Insult Susan B. Anthony's Memory

How annoying.

No, seriously, as a woman, I find this annoying, and false, and damaging to the memory of Susan B. Anthony.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Suffrage icon Susan B. Anthony’s grave is drawing huge crowds on Election Day as people consider selecting Hillary Clinton as their first female president.

Local news reports indicate at least 1,000 people made the journey to the Rochester, N.Y., grave site to pay tribute to Anthony’s contributions to women’s rights, and hundreds more waited in line for their turn. Alive feed shows her headstone covered with “I Voted Today.” Others placed yellow flowers, a symbol of the suffragette movement and American flags in her honor around the gravestone.


They’re making this into some sort of milestone moment for women, simply because the most corrupt, divisive, as well as inept female to ever seek public office is about to become president (likely).

A Hillary Clinton presidency will not make the suffragette movement shine brighter. It is not a culmination of laborious battles to come to this place.

It is a highly unlikable, conniving, future felon, who has tarnished the entire movement with her scandals.

She would be nowhere and nobody now, if not for her clinging to the coattails of her husband and riding his name to position.

That alone makes her the anti-feminist, in every regard.

After all, isn’t the narrative of feminism meant to champion “Girl power” and the empowered woman, making it on her own?

Clinton made it very clear from the beginning of her campaign that her main qualification was her vagina, and Democrats have been beating the nation over the head with the fact that a Hillary win was “owed” to her – lest we all be seen as sexists.

Clinton has embraced the historic nature of her candidacy and her frequent appearances dressed entirely in white are widely thought to be in homage of the suffragettes, who adopted it as their official color.


Yes, because dressing in white was what the suffrage movement was all about.


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