How Do We Vote the Bible?

I have ranted, railed, and implored my readers to stand firm on faith and righteousness through this election season.

I have poured out my heart, using both Scriptural and secular reasoning for running from both Clinton and Trump at the voting booth.


Now, here we are. Tomorrow is the day.

This will be my last column of spiritual significance, at least as it pertains to this election. I know many people of faith are using the day to fast and pray over the election and for the nation.

I began my fast and prayer time on Saturday, at 12:00am, and it ends at 12:01am Tuesday morning.

I have prayed, wept, and literally been on my face in prayer, because I know how important this election is to our nation.

Last night, I stumbled across a live feed of a speaker who was promoting that we “vote the Bible,” and he insisted that Biblical values were very much on the ballot, this year. In fact, they’re on the ballot every election.

His proposal caught my interest, and it was brilliant. He suggested we apply the Ten Commandments to each candidate.

The Ten Commandments were given to Moses on Mount Sinai, in order that he might take down God’s perfect law to the Hebrews in the desert.

This became necessary because they had become puffed up in their own estimation, declaring themselves as able to abide by all God’s rules, perfectly.

As it turned out, they couldn’t, but then, neither can we. Man needed to be brought to the end of himself, in order to see his need for God.

With that in mind, no one is perfect, but we’re still given the Ten Commandments to follow. They are the basis for our laws today, for a reason.

If we applied the Commandments to our top presidential candidates, what would it look like? Would they muster up to the dictates of our God?


The First commandment is this: “You shall have no other gods before Me.”

I have watched the cult-like fervor surrounding Donald Trump and it is frightening. I listened to Trump exalt himself at the GOP convention in July, saying that he, alone, could fix this nation.

At that point, every Christian in that building should have run, screaming, into the streets, flinging themselves to their knees and repenting before God.

But they didn’t.

They cheered. They danced. They celebrated. And our nation died a little more for their fickle, worldly nature.

Is Hillary Clinton any better?

Certainly not. Her god is government, pushing for bigger entitlement programs, greater government overreach, and God does not enter in.

The Second Commandment says: “You shall not make idols.”

Refer to the First Commandment and my thoughts there. The idolatry of a man – Trump – or of government is so soul-crushing for a Christian to witness. It’s hard to see how we separate ourselves from this, once this is over.

This is the Third Commandment: “You shall not take the name of God in vain.”

I can say that I haven’t heard either candidate use the name of God in a blasphemous way, and that, at least, is a comfort. I’m not saying they haven’t, but I haven’t heard it, so let’s put an asterisk by this one.

The Fourth Commandment directs us: “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.”

I have heard more mudslinging, nastiness, and corrupt talk through the weekends this entire election period. I don’t think either candidate is keeping up regular church attendance, either. Trump isn’t going to go into any place that isn’t gilded or doesn’t have his name in gaudy lettering on the outside of the building.


Hillary only goes if it’s an African-American church and she’s allowed to pander there.

The Fifth Commandment is: “Honor your mother and father.”

I’ve never heard Trump speak of his parents, but I’ve seen Trump’s children rally to his side. I’ve heard Hillary drone on about her dad’s drapery business, but was that honoring him? No idea.

Going further, however, neither have spoke in depth about what they would do to fix a broken Social Security system. We know Clinton would gut it by furthering the disaster known as Obamacare.

We don’t know what Trump will do. He has no plan.

The Sixth Commandment is this: “You shall not kill.”

In Biblical terms, this means to shed innocent blood. Abortion is the first matter that comes to mind. We know where Hillary Clinton stands on this. She is vile and has no respect for innocent life.

Trump is a mystery. He’s given lip service to appease the pro-life voters, but he’s the same man who wanted his mistress to abort their child. He’s the same man who has praised Planned Parenthood, while a candidate for the Republican party.

While neither have shed blood by their own hand, that I’m aware of, I don’t trust either to stand against the shedding of innocent blood.

We are instructed by the Seventh Commandment: “You shall not commit adultery.”

Oh, Donald.

Moving on.

The Eighth Commandment says: “You shall not steal.”

Both candidates have used underhanded measures to enrich themselves. The Clintons removed gifts and items that belong to the American people when they left the White House the first time. Combine that with the corrupt Clinton Foundation and there is no telling the true amount of theft that the Clintons have committed.


Trump is more blatant. He has been sued for not properly compensating workers on his buildings. He has run small businessmen and women to ruin, by not paying them the fair wages they deserved for working on his properties. He is being sued now for running a fraudulent “school.” He has cheated the American government out of millions in tax dollars, through the use of “loopholes” and bankruptcy laws.

They are both thieves and nothing either has said proves them to be repentant.

The Ninth Commandment warns: “Do not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

In other words, don’t lie.

If lies were dynamite, both candidate would have taken themselves out of this race, long ago.

For that matter, Washington would likely be empty. Just keeping with these two, however, and restricting it to this election, we can point to multiple untruths, rumors, and severe levels of deceptive and abusive talk directed at each other and other candidates.

I’m particular disgusted with Trump’s camp pushing the rumor of Senator Ted Cruz’s multiple adulteries or Senator Marco Rubio’s supposed “gay foam parties.”

It’s the lowest level of mud and just scumbaggery.

The final, Tenth Commandment says: “Do not covet.”

That one is all about jealousy and grousing about what others have that you feel you deserve.

I would say that both candidates covet power. They’re both rich and powerful, in their own right, so I doubt they’re looking at their neighbors and wanting what they have, but they certainly covet the power of the presidency, and they have shown no compunction with lying, backstabbing, or conniving to get that power.


These are our top candidates. How did we get to such a place, where we, as voters and believers, would reject the good and go running towards two that are so opposed to our faith – if it truly be our faith?

Again, you are not going to find the perfect and godly candidate. That was never my assertion. There are many who make the effort to be honest and forthright, and who comport themselves as men (or women) of integrity, in both their personal and professional lives.

We missed something, somewhere, and we need to get back.

My faith now lies in the belief that God is about to do something, no matter who the next president may be.

I pray this momentary pain is the spark for a new revival. We won’t survive, otherwise.


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