Trump and Joe Biden Hurl Ridiculous Threats

It’s kind of sad when old men start reliving their glory days, and talking about things they used to do, as if they could still do them. That denial about what advanced age does to the body is what normally ends up in broken hips and drooping spirits.


Last week, Vice President Joe Biden made some silly old man comment about taking Donald Trump behind the gym.

(Apparently, that’s where old folks used to go and fight in the good ‘ol days.)

On Sunday, Trump, forever playing the tough guy, fired back.

“He’s a tough guy,” he said about Biden while at a rally in Colorado. “He’s so tough that he’s doing a great job defeating ISIS, isn’t he. He’s doing a great job in negotiating the Iran deal, right. They laugh at us.”

Trump said Biden “called me to the back of the gym. I dream about that.”

No, you don’t. Stop it.

“You know what I’d do. Like this. Watch. Watch,” he said, then putting his open palm in front of his face to represent Biden. And then blowing and making his hand fall backwards. “And he’s down,” Trump growled.

“He would go down so fast,” Trump added to cheers from the crowd.

And this is what it is to go to a Trump rally and expect to hear something resembling a plan for the future or a cogent policy speech.

You get WWE-inspired smack talk.

Joe Biden isn’t running for office. There is so much for the Republican nominee to tear into now, with just over a week to go until the general election. Maybe focus on that?


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