Trump's Post-Apocalyptic Vision of America Inspires the Worst in People

Donald Trump is an awful person, and he inspires the very worst of our society to put their creepy, hateful, ignorant behavior on open display.

While I would never endorse anything that came from a Clinton, I can say I’ve never heard her make reckless attacks about entire groups of people, or paint a picture of a broken, apocalyptic society and call it “America.”

Has anybody ever watched Mel Gibson’s “Road Warrior”? That is the nation Trump envisions. I can only imagine his view of this country has been desperately warped from years of living in a gilded penthouse (the one he returns to each night, after duping more fools) and having no real interaction with commoners.

Wearing one of those Chinese-made ballcaps at one of his cult meetings, disguised as rallies, is the closest Trump has ever come to being the kind of person he’s targeting.

And because of the hateful rhetoric he has ceased to spew, from day one of his candidacy, we get lovely reports like this.

A television reporter notified a security guard that the rally attendee was holding an object in his hand and described him as a “very dangerous man” after noticing the man facing away from Trump and staring at length directly at members of the press. Minutes later, security guards removed the man from the Phoenix Convention Center.

The incident comes as Trump’s attacks on the press have grown more extreme in recent weeks, with the Republican nominee accusing journalists and bankers of colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to destroy him as part of a vast globalist conspiracy.

Journalists and bankers (See: those who have helped him get to where he is) are conspiring against him, the champion of the downtrodden masses – or the “silent majority,” as they will scream in anyone’s faces who doubts Trump’s deity, with absolutely no irony, at all.

Earlier this month, in response to that rhetoric, Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the Anti-Defamation League, warned, “Whether Intentionally or not, Donald Trump is evoking classic anti-Semitic themes that have historically been used against Jews and still reverberate today.”

He absolutely is. There is a reason neo-Nazis and assorted racists and xenophobes glom onto his message and will repeat it, ad nauseam, no matter what facts they are presented with.

Don’t believe it?

During that same rally, just before Mr. Creepy Trump fan (Trump’s people tried to spin the situation by saying the man was simply a protester, there to turn his back on Trump) was removed, two more idiots decided to scream at the press, as relayed Saturday night by our Patterico.

One of them, wearing a hat with a mushroom cloud and the words “” as well as a shirt with former President Bill Clinton’s face and the word “rape” began shouting, “Bill Clinton’s a rapist.” His companion, wearing a “Hillary for Prison” shirt, shouted at the press, “You are rapists” and “you need to pay for Bill Clinton’s rape,” adding, “You are responsible.”

How are the press responsible for Bill Clinton’s rape or sexual misconduct, by the way? Did they hold down the victims during the act? What am I missing?

Sure, they may have downplayed the news, but that doesn’t make them responsible. One person is responsible for Bill Clinton’s vile acts, and that is Bill Clinton.

That same man, when the crowd broke into a chant of “U-S-A” stood at the metal barrier separating the press from the crowd and shouted at members of the press, “Jew-S-A.”

I’m sure he meant that in an absolutely NON-anti-Semitic way.

Towards the end of Trump’s speech, as the travelling press filed out of the pen to wait by Trump’s motorcade backstage, the Republican nominee called reporters “terrible people” and said that the media won’t tell the public that the national murder rate is at a 45-year high, a false claim that Trump regularly repeats at his rallies.

Road Warrior.

And if anybody is not getting the imagery, go watch the movie on Netflix or something. Trump’s rhetoric is truly caustic.

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