HUMILITY: Trump Defends His Twitter Attacks on Others

As the polls turn against him and with less than two weeks left to make his case, Donald Trump doubled down, by justifying exactly how unserious and petty he really is, not just as a candidate, but as a human being.


On Thursday’s episode of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Trump defended the unhinged, 3am Twitter rants that he has come to be known for.

“It’s OK, most of them deserved it,” said Trump of the personal insults he broadcasts on his Twitter. “I believe in fighting back when people are against me, when they tell lies, you know, I have the power of this instrument, and frankly sometimes I’ll use that. And I agree, sometimes it will revert back or sometimes maybe it doesn’t come out — you have to be careful with it.”

It’s okay if that last sentence caused a small brain bleed. I didn’t understand it, either. Trump doesn’t have the best grasp on the English language.

He’ll be great speaking with world leaders, won’t he?

Trump was responding to a question about a full, 2-page list taken out by the New York Times, where they highlighted everyone and everything Trump has managed to insult in the time he’s been a candidate.

Yes, it is my understanding that RedState was mentioned.

Trump has said that he has the best temperament, but we have yet to see any evidence to support that claim.


He is unapologetic about his Twitter rants, and he has never once said anything on the trail that resembled humility or displayed genuine compassion for anyone else. It really is all about him and about having his ego built up.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a total disconnect between Trump and his wife, Melania, in regards to bullying on social media.

“What’s going on is very hurtful to children, to some adults as well,” she said. “We need to teach [children] how to use it, what is right to say, what is not right to say, because it is very bad out there and children get hurt.”

The GOP nominee appeared to agree with his wife’s stance. “She feels very strongly about. She understands it very well,” he said.

I guess what he’s saying here is, if you’re one of those who is thinking about spreading those raunchy naked pictures of his wife online, don’t.


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