Falwell Jr. Has Instituted Censorship of Liberty U. Students Critical of Trump

Liberty University is a great school.

Jerry Falwell Jr. is not a great president of that school, nor is he a credit to his father’s name.

A disturbing trend on college campuses these days is the clamping down on free speech of anyone who doesn’t tow the liberal, Democrat line.


We’ve all read the reports of conservative guests being disinvited to speak, or having their speeches disrupted by the gentle snowflakes of the student body, who just can’t bear to know someone is expressing an opinion opposite their own.

Now imagine it happening on a conservative Christian campus.

The editor of Liberty University’s official school newspaper, the Liberty Champion, says that an article that was critical of Donald Trump was shut down by Trump surrogate, Falwell Jr.

The editor, Joel Schmieg, posted a statement on his Facebook account claiming it was Jerry Falwell Jr., the university’s president and a Trump supporter, who spiked the column, which criticized Trump for lewd comments he made on a hot mic during a 2005 taping of “Access Hollywood.”

“Yesterday I was told [Falwell] was not allowing me to express my personal opinion in an article I wrote for my weekly column in the Liberty Champion about Trump and his ‘locker room talk,'” Schmieg wrote.

The paper’s opinion editor, Cierra Carter, backed up Schmieg, saying that their president had been very vocal in voicing his support of Trump. They would simply like the same freedoms.

In his Facebook post, Schmieg poked fun at a statement by Falwell earlier in the week, in which he said: “It is a testament to the fact that Liberty University promotes the free expression of ideas unlike many major universities where political correctness prevents conservative students from speaking out.”

“I find these words from Jerry amusing and extremely hypocritical,” Schmieg wrote.


If Falwell is now to the point where he’s censoring the speech of his students, in order to prop up and defend his candidate, then yes, it is very hypocritical and he is hurting the reputation of the school.

Falwell made his statements after a group of students calling themselves Liberty United Against Trump released a letter, repudiating Trump and Falwell’s support of him, which they felt was tying the good name of their school inextricably with the GOP candidate and all of his offensive talk.

Perhaps Falwell was caught off guard by the release of the letter? If so, it seems he’s determined not to allow such a thing to see the light of day, again.

To further prove that associating too closely with Trump causes mental disturbances, Falwell went into full conspiracy theory mode.

“I think this whole tape … videotape thing was planned, I think it was timed, I think it might have even been a conspiracy among establishment Republicans who have known about it for weeks and who tried to time it to do the maximum damage to Donald Trump, and I just … I just think it just backfired on them,” Falwell told radio host Rita Cosby on Oct. 10.

Yes. The establishment Republicans who have fallen all over themselves to protect and defend Trump from the beginning really want to lose this election, maybe cost some of them their own elections. It makes perfect sense, right?

Falwell went on to suggest that the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives was a beneficiary of the leak, despite “Access Hollywood” saying it discovered the recording after digging through the show’s archives. “It wasn’t a coincidence that it came out right before Trump was supposed to appear with Paul Ryan at a rally, and it conveniently gave Paul Ryan a way to disinvite Trump,” Falwell told Cosby.


More stupid Trump speech.

Schmieg’s article took a strong stand against Trump, and against the language used in the 2005 hot mic audio.

He pointed out that anyone blowing the language off as “locker room talk” wasn’t truly sorry about the statements, because they obviously didn’t see them as being too bad.

It is a true shame what this election has done to this nation.

However, I guess if there is any upside to be gleaned, it’s that it has uncovered the hypocrisy, false piety, and absolute ugliness of some of those who would hold themselves up as decent, normal members of society.

Now that we see the sickness, we can think about ways to treat it.


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