DEBATE: And the Emmy Goes To...

What started with several glimmers of what appeared to be promise, was quickly snuffed out by the reality of the two pathetic candidates on stage.

In fact, while the stakes are the highest, the expectations for this debate were pretty low.


Expectations met.

Over the last several weeks, Donald Trump has been laying the groundwork for his loss, by stirring up his nutty base and claiming that the election would be rigged.

Moderator Chris Wallace pressed Trump on his claims. As Trump stumbled over his answer, complaining of the stacked media against him, Hillary Clinton chimed in and nailed him on his insult to the history of free elections in this nation.

She then went on to point out how Trump once went on one of his all-too-familiar tweet rants, claiming the Emmys were rigged against him, because his reality TV show, “The Apprentice” didn’t win an Emmy, for three years in a row.

It would be funny, if not for the fact that one of these creatures may very well be running the nation in about three months.

We have a corruptocrat, and a desperately insecure, spoiled man-child.

There’s no way to make this a good thing.


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