Former Security Agent: Clinton Routinely Endangered Herself and Others

Unless a third party disrupts the chances of both despicable nominees of gaining the requisite 270 electoral college votes, and we’re given a chance to have a halfway acceptable president installed, we’re destined for another Clinton presidency.


Her vagina will rule with equal parts ferocity and corruptness.

Excuse my crudeness, but her lady parts are her sole qualification for the office (as well as the shield she will use to deflect any criticism of her incompetence). It’s all about the identity politics, these days.

“I am woman! Empowered and in control!”

“Don’t be mean to me! I’m just a girl!”

Frankly, as a woman, I find the entire “entitled gender class” shtick that she rode to the nomination insulting.

If she continues on as president in the same manner she conducted herself as Secretary of State, however, she may not be in her job for long. One of several scenarios could very easily play out.

One: Her corruptness and backroom dealings could become so flagrant, that she is finally forced out by impeachment or indictment.

The second option is much darker, unfortunately, and not one I would wish on anyone.

According to the recently released FBI documents, a member of Clinton’s security detail was interviewed, and gave a grave account of a Secretary Clinton who routinely flaunted protocol and safety measures.

The former State Department agent cited incidents in Indonesia and Palestine in which Clinton allegedly ignored security protocols and put the safety of those around her in danger.

The belief among State Department agents was “that Clinton disregarded security and diplomatic protocols, occasionally without regard for the safety of her staff and protection detail, in order to gain favorable press,” according to an FBI interview transcript released Monday.


So her handling of classified emails isn’t the only area where Hillary Clinton was deceptive or reckless.

According to an interview transcript released by the FBI on Monday, the agent “described a ‘stark difference’ between” former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and her successor, Clinton, “with regard to obedience to security and diplomatic protocols.”

“RICE observed strict adherence to State Department security and diplomatic protocols while CLINTON frequently and ‘blatantly’ disregarded them,” the transcript says.

Let’s face it. Hillary Clinton is no Condi Rice. Rice was competent, qualified, and principled. Pretty much the anti-Hillary.

During a 2009 trip to Jakarta, Indonesia, the agent told the FBI that Clinton asked to visit an area with “security and safety challenges” for a photo opportunity involving a clean stoves initiative.

The security team advised against it “because the route could not be secured and was lined with dangerous circumstances and individuals,” the interview transcript states. However, the advance team that made the recommendation was told by security management that the trip “was going to happen because ‘she wanted it’,” apparently referring to Clinton.

“DS agents felt this excursion into potentially hostile areas placed CLINTON, her staff, the media, and her security detail in unnecessary danger in order to conduct a photo opportunity for ‘her election campaign’,” the transcript states.

“DS agents felt CLINTON traveled with hand-picked media who would present her in favorable light in order to garner political support,” the transcript adds. “It was also believed that Clinton disregarded security and diplomatic protocols, occasionally without regard for the safety of her staff and protection detail, in order to gain favorable press.”


I’m not sure what she was going for, here. Did she hope to appear fearless? Was she trying to appear accessible to the people? What was the end goal?

Whatever it was, there’s no excuse for endangering herself or her security detail in that manner. It shows a true lack of concern for others, all in the quest for power.

The State Department agent also described another incident in which, while traveling in an armored vehicle in Palestine, Clinton “ordered the limousine driver, believed to be [REDACTED] to open the window while in ‘occupied territory,’ referring to a dangerous area of the West Bank.”

At first, the driver declined Clinton’s request, the agent said, but “repeated demands by CLINTON forced him to open his window despite the danger to himself and the occupants.”

The agent also accused Clinton of breaching protocol by riding in the armored limousine and arriving at events abroad with her chief of staff, Huma Abedin, instead of the local ambassador.

“This frequently resulted in complaints by ambassadors who were insulted and embarrassed by this breach of protocol,” the transcript states.

At this point, most are aware of her joined-at-the-hip partner in crime, Abedin, and that she makes few moves without her.

The collusion between the two has produced more than a few questionable moments. The agent interviewed in the documents believes that Abedin was instrumental in directing the override of some of the safety and diplomatic protocols for Secretary Clinton, as well.


The agent said that Clinton’s treatment of State Department agents “was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere,” and that it became “difficult to find senior agents willing to work for her.”

When those with experience and know-how find you so disagreeable that they refuse to work for you, you will be stuck with those with less rank, less experience, and less know-how.

This isn’t exactly the position a president wants to be in, as the job carries a certain amount of risk.

Clinton’s own hubris may very well be her downfall.



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