WILL HE? Trump Camp to Reveal Evidence Against Accusers "In Hours"

Call me crazy, but if Donald Trump has evidence of his innocence, as far as the recent allegations of his treatment of women, I think the time to make that evidence known is well past time. I wouldn’t be hinting at it. I’d be showing it.


Then again, everything about Trump is for the media attention. There are no straight lines for him.

His running mate, Mike Pence, acts as the perfect MC in this farcical campaign.

Mike Pence said Friday that he expects Donald Trump’s campaign to release evidence against his sexual assault accusers in a matter of hours.

“Stay tuned, there’s more information coming forward,” Pence said in an interview on the “Today” show.

Ever loyal, Pence has made the choice to stand firm, even in the face of what could potentially spell the end of Trump’s run. He has expressed his disapproval over the things Trump said in the 2005 hot mic audio, but it hasn’t been enough to make him jump from the campaign, as some rumors suggested he would do.

“Donald Trump yesterday categorically denied that these things happened, and I believe him,” Pence said.

The evidence that Trump claims to have needs to be solid, if he’s to turn this thing around. If this reveal of evidence just turns out to be more showboating with no substance, it’s over already, and that includes any future political ambitions Pence may have held.


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