Falwell Jr Flees From Morality In Order to Defend Trump

Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, smiles as he listens to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, left, at a rally Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

I truly grieve for the memory of Jerry Falwell Sr.

He was a controversial figure when he was alive. He began as a small time Southern Baptist pastor and somewhere along the way, he grew that into a megachurch, and then founded my alma mater, Liberty University – a private Christian college that has grown and thrived since 1971.


When he began inserting himself into the political realm, he was doing what he thought believers should do, which was to become an active part in building the society they wanted to live in.

He had some hits. He had some misses, but for wherever or however he got things wrong, whatever his flaws were, he was a Christian, and he put his faith first.

Falwell Jr… not so much.

I keep reiterating the point that Junior is a lawyer, not a pastor. His dad fought against the likes of Bob Guccione, and “Penthouse” magazine.

His son posed in front of “Playboy” magazine with a man whose lifestyle would not pass muster with Falwell Sr’s Moral Majority.

Falwell Jr. and his idol worship of Donald Trump is a slap in the face to the work of his dad.

So detestable is Falwell Jr. that the students at the school he took over after his father’s passing formed an alliance to repudiate he and his involvement with his orange hued master.

His continued support of a man who has spoken in such vile and vulgar terms about women, after so many others have said, “No more,” is disgusting. Apparently, Trump paid well to rent the name “Falwell” for his campaign.


Trump is not a moral man, so by his association, and his refusal to stand up for women, or even for the sake of chivalry and honor, Falwell Jr. can be lumped into the same, sorry pile as the others who’ve backed this stain on our culture.



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