Trump Can't Be Trusted With Our Nuclear Codes

I would listen to these guys.

These ten gentlemen were all, at one time or another, tasked with carrying out a president’s order for launching a nuclear strike. Now, like others before them, they’ve joined together to release a letter opposing a Trump presidency.


These are the guy that have lived dreading that moment that they would have to unleash hell on the world, but emerged with their consciences intact.

In the letter, they voiced their concerns.

“He has shown himself time and again to be easily baited and quick to lash out, dismissive of expert consultation and ill-informed of even basic military and international affairs — including, most especially, nuclear weapons,” the letter states. “Donald Trump should not be the nation’s commander-in-chief. He should not be entrusted with the nuclear launch codes. He should not have his finger on the button.”

The officers said the Republican nominee lacks the “composure, judgment, restraint and diplomatic skill” necessary for any commander in chief to possess.

The letter was organized by Bruce Blair, who says that once Clinton and Trump were running a close race, it dawned on them all that Trump might win, and it scared them to death.


“…it’s very possible that this person, this pathological liar, who lacks self-control, who knows very little about anything and is angry and aggressive, who might lash out with nuclear weapons if he’s elected, could win. That sort of dawned on everyone. We felt we needed to weigh in.”

It sounds as if Blair and his colleagues have been paying attention.

The ten gentlemen, who worked in underground launch centers in places like Cheyenne, Wyoming, Minot, North Dakota, Great Falls, Montana, and Grand Forks, North Dakota have not endorsed Clinton.

They just see Donald Trump as too ignorant to be left in charge of handling something as important as our nuclear weapons.

And they’re right.


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