AT WAR WITH GOP: Trump VA Campaign Chair Literally Organized a PROTEST Outside RNC HQ

Such is the devotion to the Cult of Trump. It is relentless. It is reckless. And sometimes you just step in it.

Corey Stewart, the Virginia state chairman of the Trump campaign sought to cement his devotion to Dear Leader Trump by staging an ill-advised protest outside of the Republican National Committee offices today.

The protest was, ostensibly, in response to this past weekend’s near meltdown over the 2005 leaked hot mic moment.

Party officials went into emergency meetings and those who had formerly endorsed the party nominee, from pundits to politicians, to faith leaders called for Trump to step aside.

The problem was, Stewart launched this protest against the GOP and the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, without the knowledge of Dear Leader, himself.

Not wise. In fact, he apparently has been warned about stepping out of line to try these stunts on his own before, but he’s not much of a listener.

The Trump campaign have reaffirmed their positive working relationship with Priebus, in the aftermath of what was thought to be a better debate showing by the nominee on Sunday.

If Stewart’s hopes were to cement his place as an immovable and loyal Trump devotee, he likely failed.

In a hilarious turn, they fired him without telling him first, so he likely found out after others saw it announced on Twitter.
Stewart has launched a gubernatorial campaign in Virginia, and likely thought placing himself as an “outsider” and renegade could carry him across the finish line in the same way Trump’s unconventional style carried him through the primaries.


Better luck next time, guy.

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