Defiant and Reckless: No Period of Contrition For Nominee Trump

Because he is a child. A petulant, unruly, spoiled and obnoxious child.

If anyone had any doubts as to the sincerity of Donald Trump’s oh-so wooden apology, in regards to the 2005 hot mic moment, in which his arrogance was on full display, as he boasted of molesting women, this is your confirmation.

Maybe the nominee should spend more time preparing, listening to advisers, and mending the fences that weren’t just broken, but were ripped up by the fence posts and ran through a wood chipper.

From The Hill:

“The speaker is going to spend the next month focused entirely on protecting our congressional majorities in order to advance our ‘Better Way’ agenda,” a Ryan spokeswoman said when asked to respond to Trump’s tweet.

Earlier Monday, Ryan convened a conference call to urge House Republicans to respond to the GOP presidential nominee in whatever way helps them win reelection.

Ryan noted that he isn’t rescinding his endorsement of Trump, despite refusing to campaign with him or defend the nominee going forward.

Our dear Patterico touched on this earlier, but allow me to translate, in my own, special way.

Ryan and the GOP high muckity-muck are wishing they could rewind to July, or even last summer, and get a do-over on this amazing, comb-over crapstorm.

They’re now seeing what has been screamed from these pages, as well as from others, that Donald Trump is not a moral, or even reasonably sane man. What he is, is an anchor around the neck of the entire party, and this little exercise in futility has left them stranded on the side of the road, with only a month left to the election.

The White House is lost, therefore, they must focus on the down ballot.

And yes, I heard that he did better in last night’s town hall-styled debate. Hurricane Matthew spared me the torment I would have put myself through, in trying to watch two corrupt, elitist old scoundrels go at each other.

I have to ask, though, was the performance enough to make conservatives of conscience or previously undecided voters suddenly decide to overlook something as disgusting as sexual assault?

It wasn’t for Paul Ryan.

Ryan said he was “sickened” by the audio, and he rescinded Trump’s invite to what would have been their first joint campaign appearance in Wisconsin on Saturday.

Ryan has rebuked Trump for, among other things, proposing to ban Muslims from the U.S., failing to swiftly condemn a Ku Klux Klan leader, stoking violence at campaign rallies and accusing a Mexican-American judge of bias in a case against Trump University.

Trump has also taken shots at Ryan. In March, Trump warned Ryan would “have to pay a big price” if they didn’t get along. And a month before that, Trump blamed Mitt Romney’s loss in the 2012 presidential election on his selection of Ryan as his running mate.

Unfortunately, it seems the GOP are stuck with this turd sandwich, unless he suddenly grows a human conscience and does something completely selfless – steps aside.

Who believes that Trump has it anywhere in his spirit to put the party and the nation above his own ego?


I didn’t think so.

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