Mike Pence Gives Trump Some Really Poor Advice

Is Mike Pence tired of the presidential race spotlight and longing to be home in Indiana, doing the work of a governor, already?

It would appear so, when you consider he just gave the worst advice in the history of politics to his running mate.


Trump has the second debate of the race coming up on Sunday night. It will be a town hall format, and Pence’s advice to Trump may best be described as “reckless.”

“I’d encourage Donald Trump to do what he did in his first debate and that is be himself. Speak from his mind and speak from his heart and I know he’s going to do that,” Pence said Thursday morning on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends.” “He will be ready for this coming Sunday night.”

Hey, Governor, Trump lost that first debate. Resoundingly.

He looked like a complete fool and his numbers dropped like a rock, afterwards. Undecideds quickly shifted to the “decided” column, and what they were deciding was that Trump is an idiot and can’t be handed the keys to the White House.

I personally know some who were for Trump, watched the debate, and suddenly, they weren’t so sure, anymore.

Pence said he expects Sunday night’s debate to more closely resemble commander-in-chief forum NBC held earlier this month, another town-hall style event that focused on military issues. Trump performed well at that event, and the Indiana governor said he expects the same on Sunday.


Except this won’t be the same event. He’ll be going head-to-head against Clinton, speaking on a variety of issues, and if his behavior is the same as it was during the first debate, where he was completely outclassed by someone nobody seems to like, you can expect to see a further drop.

If he continues being “himself,” rather than making honest attempts to be a better version of himself, he may as well give up now.


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